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There is Life and Death in the Tongue

  There is life and death in the tongue. In the beginning, God created man to be in authority. Since the fall of man, many now see any so-called authority in our words, as crazy superstition or demonic. By perverting the concept, Satan has us speaking negative words in doubt and unbelief. We are literally cursing our own destinies because we do not understand that from the beginning, words were used to create. Now, evil uses words to destroy with constant negative, complaining, and destructive talk. It is everywhere, and the church is participating. Jesus has taken all authority from Satan and returned it to His children. Being ignorant concerning precisely what the blood of Christ at the cross has restored to us, we are still declaring ourselves destined for illness and great sorry on this earth. Many have confused trials and tribulations as one’s lot in life, so we then do not speak in authority against it because we believe Sovereign God wants us sick and hurting
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The Silent Majority Must Find Their Voice

  One thing I have learned in the almost eleven years of mission ministry is if someone believes a lie, there is nothing you can do or say that will convince them otherwise. Only God can reveal the truth and open the heart to receive it. Lies based on fear, I believe, take root at the core to shore up an eroding foundation. As Christ-followers, we tell our children the danger of building your house upon the sand. Ironically, Satan entered the Church and convinced God’s people that God does not heal anymore; therefore, the foundation of healing became sand for many. So for the last two years, fear has struck the hearts of God’s people with one medical fear after another. The results became leaders of the Church proclaiming secular practices and bragging they had done their part and the trust in God eroded a little more and more. Those that can see the truth that has watched secular spiritualism invade our church family are at a loss as to what to do. Maybe because we

Fast Part Two

  I have been mulling over the part fasting should be playing in the age of grace. For two weeks, I have questioned my friends about why they fast. Most of my friends said the same thing: to get close to God or hear God. My friends are kind and allow me to challenge their thought processes or debate them concerning their answers. Yesterday at church, God finally brought a complete response to me about fasting. Imagine yourself on a date or having an intimate dinner with someone, and they took out their phone and started scrolling. What if you were talking to a friend and they walked away from you to do something else? How would you feel if someone you loved screened their calls and refused to pick up the phone to talk with you? All three of those scenarios are how we treat God. God looks at the relationship with His people as a marriage. There is not one marriage that can survive without intimacy or that special closeness withheld for only one. When we read verses

Questions about Fasting Part One

  Was fasting a foretelling of repentance and dying to self? Everything in the Old Testament Jewish faith was the "first to establish the second," meaning the religious acts were a foretelling to set up the death and resurrection of Christ. The practice of circumcision is not a sacred act anymore, nor is sacrifice. Why? Because in the New Covenant through Jesus, circumcision is now of the heart and not the flesh. The book of Romans reminds us that every religious act of the flesh has been replaced by living under grace through faith. So why are we continuing the practice of fasting for repentance or sorrow? Is that not an act of flesh? Do we not believe that if we confess our sins, Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us? Why do you have to starve yourself to get God to move or hear Him? Don't we believe that He has heard us if we ask according to His will? Do you think God is motivated more by our acts of humility or our acts of faith? Does He not kn

Authority Given By God

  The other day, God reminded me of a story. When I was teaching in the old mission building, my classroom was the library. I loved the big tables that we could join together as we discussed God’s word. Then I had to move over to the men’s side of the building and teach in one of the classrooms. It was your standard room with conference tables. At the time, I felt the setup cold as I was way upfront from the ladies “teaching.” My director permitted me to join the tables together to make it more intimate. Since I was having trouble with my legs, she told me I could leave the tables joined together for the guys to put the room back together. She forgot to tell the guys. One day, a man came storming into my classroom and yelled at me. “You will put those tables back,” he demanded. I looked up and slowly said, “No.” He screamed again, “Yes, you will.” I again replied, “No, and if you have a problem with that answer, you can talk with my supervisor.” The look on his face w

Decision Time

  People who work with people with any type of addiction often wonder if they are making a difference. God informed me that my job often is to warn people and give them godly solutions. So, when they stand in front of God, they cannot claim they did not know. Today I listened to a sermon with great questions. I will ask them in a minute, but first, I want to remind everyone what God’s word says about our decision-making. See, every day, we decide decisions starting with whether to get out of bed or not. But, let’s face it, our character or nature is where most decisions come out. So, for most, it is only with the big decisions that we might ask God, “What do you think?” As a result, self-reliance has become second nature and thought to be sound if it appears godly. The religious spirit will deceive and convince you that what you are doing is correct because it appeases your fear, brings immediate comfort, or brings a false sense of peace to your situation. “Be anx

God Forgives

  One of the most precious lessons I learned from my mom was watching her struggle with her faith. There was no pretending she had it all together or that she fully understood God’s ways. I greatly admired her for that picture of sincerity. Now that I am in the senior category, I must say, it is not a lot of fun on this side. With age, experience comes and the understanding of the impact of actions. Consequences are hard to swallow and hard to watch as they impact the ones you love. The other day I heard about a ministry called Speak Life. I will add the link below. Christa’s testimony is incredible but also very sobering. It was on abortion. How many just mentally ran for the door or wanted to stop reading? I get it. Abortion has become the nuclear bomb of all topics. People on either side get heated with the mention of the subject, and the rest of society tunes the noise out and walks off. So, as a sister or brother-in-Christ, I pray that you keep reading or just