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Spell the Word With Them

    A lovely lady named Tommy shared an incredible testimony with me. She has permitted me to tell you the story. Tommy developed a debilitating gastric issue. She could not even go to church due to her problems. After seeing specialists with only more tests in her future with no answers, she pleaded with God. “God, you have to help me because no one knows what is wrong with me, and I cannot go on like this.” Early morning, Tommy was awakened by someone spelling a word. H-P-Y-L-O-R-I. She looked around the room, thinking it was her husband, but he was asleep in his lounge chair. Again, the voice spelled out H-P-Y-L-O-R-I. What? she thought. The voice repeated H-P-Y-L-O-R-I. Then Tommy thought maybe I should spell the word with them . “H-P-Y-L-O-R-I,” she said out loud two more times with the voice. Then Tommy just went back to sleep with extreme peace in her heart. The following day she googled the word and found every symptom she had under this diagnosis. She also
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Invited to Serve

  I teach a 9 th and 10th-grade girls' Sunday school class with one of my dear prayer warrior friends. Our Church has it, so each child's class has two adults present. My partner and I have both been feeling an extreme urge just to call it quits. Sunday was an extremely rough spiritual battle. It was odd that when I shared my overwhelming temptation, my partner also got the same message, which was self-pity. See, as I entered that sanctuary, everyone was having a great time socializing. Immediately I heard, "Because you teach in another building, no one knows you, and you are missing out. You could have fun like them if you quit because, look, it's like they are at a party and you are not invited." Crazy message, huh. Because my friend and I have been doing this for years, we are missing out on things, but joining the social fun would mean we would have to quit the calling of God. This morning when God and I were mulling over the crazy temptat

No Fear With God

  I have the most interesting story from my prayer partner. Miss Frances has allowed me to share. Two Fridays ago, she was up at 4 a.m. preparing to teach several chapters from the book of Daniel. Suddenly she heard piercing screams coming from outside, which sounded like her outdoor cat being torn apart. Miss Frances being a tiny woman and knowing a panther was spotted on the property, she went to get her husband to go outside. He quickly turned down this request since it was early and stated he would check when the sun came up. The screams were so intense that the dogs busted from their pen to chase whatever was making the noise. In the morning, the chickens were plastered to the back of their coop in sheer fear. Odd thing, though, they found no hair or blood, but kitty would not respond to the usual call. Saturday went by; then Sunday till Monday Miss Frances decided to pick up the cat’s bowls. My friend was confused and felt violated because she faithfully walked

The Fear of the Lord Is a Good Thing!

  The fear of the Lord is a good thing. You may ask me why. Well, Isaiah 11 teaches us many reasons why. First, the fear of God acknowledges the good intentions of God and motivates and delights even Jesus. When you read God’s word, it produces the fear of God. You know someone is walking in the fear of God because their life displays God’s wisdom. The fear of God restrains people from sinning along with giving confidence to the one walking by faith. Rulers and judges will act justly when they fear God. Here is my favorite benefit, it can result in rest and good sleep. When applied with humility, the fear of God can lead to riches, honor, and life. Finally, when we honor and obey God, His displayed protection will remind the enemy to fear God. So, the fear of God is a good thing. #whoisyourgod #livewithintent #faithoverfear #keepfaith

Faith is theTrigger!

Free will prevents God from randomly acting in your life. You must invite God by your faith that He will. If you are a visual person, look at faith as a trigger. There is power within your grasp, but it's nothing more than an expensive paperweight until you set off the device and pull that trigger. God paid a high price through His son Jesus so that anyone could call upon His name and be saved. Until you pull that trigger of faith and proclaim Him God of your life, then He is nothing more to you than a pretty thought or wishing star. The mamby pamby approach to God makes God appear weak. Stop waving His name around in vain while you seek other means to follow. Rise up, siblings and boldly pray in faith and declare Who God is by standing in the power of His name. The world is watching, and some of the church does not look much different than the world. Sad because the God of the universe is inviting you to exercise your faith and watch Him set the captive free, he

Crazy Talk

  Please stop for a moment. If your voice has joined the secular choir, then what does that message say about God? When you do anything to please man but won’t risk getting your feelings hurt for God, what does that say about your faith? When your sentences are full of justification for your choices or actions, who are you trying to convince? These questions are for you and God to encourage a deep conversation of what is going on? I asked God, and he answered me with 1 Samuel 8. Israel rejected God and wanted a king, so God gave them what they wanted. So God’s yes to your prayer may not be because He happily granted your request but instead because you rejected His authority! It May sound like crazy talk to you, but these questions are worth investigating either way.

I Beg You

Please note, I wrote this post for my fellow followers-in-Christ. My middle sister has retired in a community that is set up specifically for older citizens. The one-story-brand-new home has everything you would need to provide safety and convenience. They have made many friends with the same interest and most of all; they feel safe. Last night I had a dream my sister and her husband decided to sell this home. They bought a dilapidated home. As I walked up to the house, the yard was grown up past our head. You could barely see it had a fence around the yard. When I went in, the walls were filthy and worn. Everything in the home was so old it was falling apart. Here is the funny part. They were so happy and proud of this old home and kept referring to the brand-new home as disgusting. In my mind, I was pleading, “Please tell me that you did not sell your home; you will not be happy with this old house.” Suddenly I woke up, very upset. Immediately God spoke to me to tell me what the drea