God Does Not Give Up On Us

As I was driving to the mission today, I had one very clear question for God. “Why don’t you give up on us?” Immediately I thought about all the pieces of furniture I have rescued to either refurbish or repurpose. When I look at something damaged, I pretty much know if I can do anything with it or not. I have walked away from items that I realized was way too much work or nearly impossible to repair. God does not give up on us because there is nothing that He can’t do.
See, Satan uses people up and tosses them to the side and tells the world that there is no value left. Because when it comes to evil, it only consumes and discards life. For some strange reason, many surrender to the darkness, thinking if they do, they will finally find peace. If that is not bad enough, Satan spins a lie telling people to disregard said group of people because they are not worth the trouble.
Please hear me. God does not walk away because He knows He can call into being that which does not exist. My God does not just refurbish me: He makes all things new. All life has value. Reject the lie that there is no hope.
Today I ended the twelve-week session on the book of John. We talked about how, in chapter 21, verse 12, Jesus served the disciples breakfast. I asked the question, “Has God provided for you and met your needs?” Immediately one of the ladies told an endearing story. As she stood in front of the judge, knowing a two-year sentence to prison was imminent, she asked God for help because she was all alone. Suddenly a lawyer that knew her walked in and saw her. He walked up to her and asked her if she needed help. She said yes, but had no way to pay his fees. The lawyer approached the judge, and within minutes, the court appointed him as her attorney. Then she was given an opportunity to come into the mission. She cried as she told how God provided for her immediately.
If you have lost hope, please ask God to meet your needs. If Jesus was pleased to wash the feet of the man that betrayed Him or serve breakfast to His disciples, He will answer your call. Jesus willingly allowed God to forsake Him on the cross, so we could be assured that God will not abandon or desert us. Place your hope in the Light of the world. God is just waiting for you to open the conversation.


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