What does victory look like?

This morning as I was driving to the mission, I was singing that phrase, "I'm going to see a
victory"; I stopped for a moment and asked myself, "What does a victory look like?"; Sometimes
I think we need to define what we are expecting. We walk around saying the most generic
phrases that honest to goodness if they happened, we would not recognize it if it bit us. So, in
the world of followers and likes, is reaching only one person a failure? Seriously, if you don’t
see the success you think you should have, then are you a failure? If our faith is not by sight,
then what is the clue that we have arrived at the goal? Are the people in Hebrews 11:37 all
failures because they were stoned, sawn in two, put to death by the sword and ill-treated?
When it comes to God and His definition of victory, what are you asking Him to do in your life?
My very first class at one of the chapels, I had two ladies show up. Soon it became only one.
When I went to talk to God about it, He let me know that in His world, it was about the one.
That young lady has become one of the greatest joys of my life.
Is there something in your life that you feel you are a big fat failure? I think you should go back
and look at the situation through God’s eyes. God needs us in the moments of life for the
relationships around us. It is not about you seeing the results. It is about your commitment to
God to follow a task through till God says you’re done. If seeing the victories become part of
Christ-follower’s requirements, then I feel we will miss out on many of God’s adventures. There
is a reason God gave me my mission motto “To serve God; Not fix man.” I rarely get to see the
impact of my work. My obedience though, has brought peace of mind, self-worth, joy, and love
into my life. Now that is a victory to me.


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